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Kingston Down Grave 50

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posted on 10.11.2021, 15:29 by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Tumulus and grave much as the last; burnt coffin; sound bones. By the neck were five beads of baked earth, of divers colours, as before. Here was also a piece of touchstone [M 6107]. It had some stripes or strokes of gold very visible upon it when found. See just such another, No. 76, of my inventory of antiquities discovered by me at Gilton-Town in Ash. A fragment or piece of some brass instrument, and a great many iron links of a small chain [M 6108]. These links lay in two straightish lines, from about the hips to about the knees; but were so rotten as not to hang together. The brass instrument was at the bottom or end of them, next the feet; but I could not tell whether it was connected with them or not; but I think it probable that it was fastened to that end of the chain, in order to hang some such little instruments to, as are described at No. 7.[1]Here were also several nails, and other bits of iron, Doubtless a woman's grave.[1]See note for grave 7; and the example with chains attached, found in Germany, figured in the Collectanea Antiqua, vol. ii, pl. LVI, fig. 4.- C.R.S.


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