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Kingston Down Grave 167

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posted on 10.11.2021, 15:30 by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Tumulus and grave much as the last. The bones were very much decayed; the coffin did not appear to have passed the fire. The conical umbo of a shield, as before; three broad-headed iron studs, as before; the head of a pilum, on the left side; the blade of a knife; a small iron buckle [M 6355], on the iron shank of which are set two small brass globules, as they seem, in silver sockets; several nails, and some other bits of iron. Before the workmen had got quite through the tumulus, -or, in other words, quite down to the natural surface of the ground,-they found the small figure of a man, cut out in a piece of chalk; it was about four inches long; the hands and feet were broken off; if it ever had any. It was a very rough piece of sculpture, certainly; but, I imagine it to be coeval with the tumulus; for, though a shepherd or any other person should have found no better employment for his idle time in a much later age; how came it to be deposited so deep as at least two feet in the centre of the tumulus? Be it as it may, I thought proper to mention it; and have also taken the pains to represent its likeness on the opposite page.


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29th July, 1771


Faussett 1856

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