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Inlaid rosette brooch

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posted on 27.10.2021, 17:51 by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Gatty Slip: '[...] locality unknown. At the bottom of the box in which this was kept is 'II' in pencil. These numbers in other cases have referred to plates in some book.'Silver-gilt jewelled disc brooch (Frankish). Diam. 3cm. Back obscured by modern brass backplate struck over it, but obviously the original backplate was bronze or silver, with silver catchplate and attachment for iron spring-coil and pin (missing). Where some garnets missing at front it can be seen that inside the backplate there was some sort of reinforcement to secure the pin-catch - a bronze plate. Sliver cloisons struck on the backplate, overlap at base visible round cell set with flat garnet on chequered foil, the cell surrounded by beaded wire collar. Concentric with this, a little further out, another circular cloison with beaded wire collar on inner edge, the space between this and centre filled by sheet silver-gilt plate, with filigree half-circles set facing inwards. Outer zone divided by twelve radial cloisons with curved outer edge, so each compartment makes a corrugation in the outer edge. Each set with flat garnets on chequered gold foil. On one side 2 cloisons missing and 3 garnets and underlying paste and foil lost. Chequer pattern here of large squares divided into tiny ones, where visible. But one v. thick garnet apparently with no foil backing (shows dark) and another very thick one on foil also shows rather dark.


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white metal, gilt, gold, copper alloy, garnet, inlay, iron (Sonia Hawkes Material Notes; silver, gilt, bronze, iron, garnet) (Antiquarian Material; N/A)

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