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E06883: Pope Martin I, in letters of 649/655, refers to a monastery dedicated to *Theodosios (the Coenobiarch, ob. 529, S01325) in Palestine. Written in Latin in Rome.

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Martin I, Letter 5 (to John, the bishop of Philadelphia [modern Amman, Jordan])

Throughout this letter Martin makes reference to this monastery. He states that he sent letters with the abbot and several monks from this monastery. These monks attended the Lateran Council and would bear its decisions eastwards.

Cum encycliis nostris et synodalibus litteris misimus per presbyterum, abbatem Theodorum, et monachos sancti Theodosii religiosissimae mansionis, Joannem, Stephanum, Leontium …

We send with our encyclical and synodal letters through the priest, abbot Theodorus, and the monks of the most religious house of saint Theodosius, Joannes, Stephanus and Leontius...

Martin I, Letter 8 (to George, the abbot (archimadrita) of the monastery of St Theodosius)

Martin addresses the letter to the abbot of this monastery (monasterium). He praises him for defending the Roman see and encourages him to obey the abbot of Philadelphia.

Text: Patrologia Latina 87. Translation: Frances Trzeciak.


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Theodosios the Coenobiarch, ob. 529 : S01325

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Rome Rome Rome Roma Ῥώμη Rhōmē

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Letter from the letter collection of Pope Martin I (649-655).


The George to whom Letter 8 was addressed is perhaps the same George as the one referred to in the Prologue to the Spiritual Meadow. This text describes George receiving the remains of John Moschus, the author of the Spiritual Meadow.


Edition: Patrologia Latina 87. Further Reading: Booth, Phil, Crisis of Empire: Doctrine and Dissent at the End of Antiquity (California, 2017), at 295-297.

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