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E04557: Scarcely legible Greek inscription on a stone reliquary, possibly invoking the help of *Phokas (if so, probably the martyr of Antioch, S00413). Found at Karm Saddeh near Tripolis (Lebanon/Roman province of Phoenicia). Probably 5th or 6th c.

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In his commentary on works discussing the reliquaries of Apamea (see E01829; E01832), René Mouterde mentions the inscribed lid of a stone reliquary from the village of Karm Saddeh, kept in a modern church. According to Mouterde's description, the lid comes from a reliquary shaped as a sarcophagus, is fitted with acroteria, and measures c. 0.40 m. There is no published image.

On the two narrow, gable sides there are busts of respectively: a male figure with nimbus (Christ or a saint), and another unidentified person.

One of the wide sloping sides bears a carving of a cross and three holes, possibly for pouring in oil or inserting a rod. The other side is decorated with a carving of a cross within a circle, flanked by ornaments.

The inscription runs on band at the bottom of the lid, where it once conjoined the chest of the reliquary. Letter height c. 0.015 m.


This is interpreted by Mouterde as:

ἅγ(ιε) Φω[κ]ᾶ, β(οήθει) Γεωργ(ίῳ) [κ]αὶ β(οήθει) Δομητ[ίῳ]

'O Saint Phokas, help Georgios, and help Dometios!'

Mouterde points out that Phokas was also venerated near Tripolis in Orthosia, where his relics were discovered together with those of a certain Loukas and Romanos ($EXXXX, Life of Peter the Iberian).

Dating: Based on the shapes of letters, Mouterde tentatively dates the inscription to the 6th c.


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Phokas, martyr of Antioch : S00413

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Archaeological and architectural - Extant reliquaries and related fixtures Inscriptions - Inscribed objects



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Activity not after


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Syria with Phoenicia Syria with Phoenicia

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Tripolis Karm Saddeh

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Tripolis Thabbora Thabbora Karm Saddeh Thabbora Thabbora

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Other lay individuals/ people

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Reliquary – institutionally owned Contact relic - oil Making contact relics


Edition: Mouterde, R., "[Review: F. Mayence, La quartième campagne de fouilles à Apamée...; H. Delehaye, Saints et reliquaires d'Apamée...", Mélanges de l'Université Saint-Joseph 19 (1935), 130-132.

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