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E01852: Augustine of Hippo, in his Letter 25*, informs his correspondents in Carthage that he has celebrated in Hippo Regius the feast of an unnamed martyr, probably *Cyprian (bishop and martyr of Carthage, S00060); all in North Africa. Written in Latin in Hippo, c. 419.

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Augustine of Hippo, Letter 25*.1

Dominis carissimis et sincerissimis fratribus et compresbyteris Deogratias et Theodoro et diaconis Titiano, Quintiano, Quoduultdeo et Carissimo et fratri Comiti Augustinus in Domino salutem.

Incolumes nos deo propitio ad propria peruenisse, sollemnitatem beatissimi martyris cum populo dei qui de mea multum absentia murmurabat egisse, quod uobis gratissimum esse confidimus, nuntiamus.

'To our most dear lords and most sincere brothers and fellow priests, Deogratias and Theodore, and to the deacons Titian, Quintian, Quodvultdeus, and Carissimus, and to his brother Comes, Augustine sends greetings in the Lord.

We announce that by God’s mercy we have arrived home safe and sound and that we have celebrated the solemnity of the most blessed martyr with the people of God, who were complaining greatly concerning my absence.'

Text: Divjak 1987, 128. Translation: Teske 2005, 325.


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Cyprian, bishop and martyr of Carthage, ob. 258 : S00411

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Literary - Letters



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Latin North Africa

Place of Evidence - City, village, etc

Hippo Regius

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Hippo Regius Carthage Carthago Karthago قرطاج‎ Qarṭāj Mçidfa Carthage

Major author/Major anonymous work

Augustine of Hippo

Cult activities - Festivals

  • Saint’s feast

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Ecclesiastics - bishops


As this letter can be dated to September 419, the saint whom Augustine mentions was most probably Cyprian whose feast was celebrated on 14 September.


Edition: Divjak, J., Augustin, Oeuvres, vol. 46 B: Lettres 1*- 29*. Nouvelle édition du texte critique et introduction (Paris: Études Augustniennes, 1987). English translation: Teske, R., The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century. Letters 1-99, vol. II 4 (New York: New City Press, 2005), 325.

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