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E01769: Fragmentary Greek inscription with an invocation of *Sergios, (soldier and martyr of Rusafa, S00023). Found at Et-Tuweiri near Tyre (southwest Phoenicia/northwest Galilee). Probably 6th c.

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[βοήθ]̣ι, ἅγιε Σέργι. ἀ[μήν]

'Saint Sergios, [help! Amen].'

Text: Di Segni in SEG 57, 1809.


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Sergios, martyr in Syria, ob. 303-311 : S00023

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Inscriptions - Formal inscriptions (stone, mosaic, etc.)



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Place of Evidence - Region

Syria with Phoenicia Syria with Phoenicia Syria with Phoenicia

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Tyre Et-Tuweiri Qibbuz Kabri

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Tyre Thabbora Thabbora Et-Tuweiri Thabbora Thabbora Qibbuz Kabri Thabbora Thabbora

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Fragmentary inscription in regular letters on a high quality moulded marble slab, broken and lost on both sides, probably an architectural element. Found in October of 2004, in the ruins of a 'Byzantine' church at Et-Tuweiri near Qibbuz Kabri (area of Tyre), during the excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. A photograph and description were published by Howard Smithline in 2007. A transcription was prepared by Leah Di Segni and sent for publication to Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum.


The inscription is very fragmentarily preserved and Leah Di Segni prudently notes that her reconstruction is just a hypothesis. What we have is the name 'Saint Sergios' in the vocative form, preceded by a faint trace of a letter, probably iota, and followed by the letter alpha. The interpretation of this sequence as an invocation, ending with the word amen is a very plausible solution: βοήθι, ἅγιε Σέργι. ἀμήν/'Saint Sergios, help! Amen.' Dating: based on the contents and the forms of letters, Di Segni dates the text to the 6th c. or less probably the late 5th c.


Edition: Smithline, H., "Et-Tuweiri", Hadashot Arkheologiyot – Excavations and Surveys in Israel 119 (2007) (on-line report, available at: photograph and translation. Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum 57, 1809 (Greek text by Leah Di Segni).

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