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E00260: An anonymous author translates the Life of *Antony ('the Great', monk of Egypt, ob. 356, S00098) from Greek into Latin, certainly after 356, probably before 374, in an unknown place.

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Anonymous Latin translation of Athanasius of Alexandria, Life of Antony (Athanasius episcopus ad peregrinos fratres)

The text of the anonymous Latin translation of the Life of Antony by Athanasius of Alexandria (E00631) is known from a single manuscript dated to c. 950-1050, discovered in 1914 in the archives of the Chapter of St Peter in Rome. It is very literal and of low literary quality. It probably had a very limited distribution, since it could not compete with a much more elegant translation of the same text, made shortly afterwards by Evagrius of Antioch ($E00930). It is widely assumed, and we would agree, that this translation was made before that of Evagrius.

Summary: Robert Wiśniewski.


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Antony, 'the Great', monk of Egypt, ob. 356 : S00098

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Literary - Hagiographical - Lives of saint



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Athanasius of Alexandria

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Burial site of a saint - tomb/grave

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Composing and translating saint-related texts

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Miracle during lifetime Miracle after death Punishing miracle Healing diseases and disabilities Apparition, vision, dream, revelation Revelation of hidden knowledge (past, present and future) Other miracles with demons and demonic creatures

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Pagans Heretics Ecclesiastics - bishops Ecclesiastics - monks/nuns/hermits Monarchs and their family

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The Latin Life quite faithfully follows the Greek original, with all the stories and miracles of Antony that are recorded there. For a summary of the content of the Life of Antony see E00631.


Edition: Bartelink, G.J.M., Vita di Antonio (Vite dei Santi 1; Milan: Mondadori, 1974).

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