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Chartham Down Grave 10

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posted on 10.11.2021, 14:56 by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
A low, but broad tumulus; the grave was about two feet and a half deep. The bones were almost gone; no appearance of a coffin. Near the right hip were two small silver things [M 6718]M, which I take to have been a pair of clasps;[1] a pair of small iron shears; and a piece of doubled brass, which I take to have been fastened to the end of a strap; it had leather in its bite. The clasps also had leather and linen adhering to the under parts of them, to which they had been fastened by six (three?) small silver rivets, each.[1]They were, more probably, attached to the ends of a band or girdle.- C.R.S.


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