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Bekesbourne Grave 35

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posted on 10.11.2021, 14:48 by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
The tumulus was small; the grave about two feet and half deep. The coffin seemed to have been very thick, and had passed the fire. The bones were almost gone. Nothing but a coin of the Emperor Diocletian; it is of the second copper, and is a very common one. On the obverse, is the emperor's head, laureated, with this legend, IMP. DIOCLETIANVS. P. F. AVG. On the reverse, the naked figure of the genius of the Roman people, standing, with a modius on his head, and pouring a libation out of'a patera with his right hand, and holding a cornucopia in his left; with this legend, GENIO. POPVLI. ROMANI. In the area are the letters K▵/V; and in the exergue, ANT.


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11th June, 1773


Faussett 1856

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